Malpractice Overview :

We are proud to defend Architects and Engineers facing design or contract administration malpractice claims. We have stood side by side with some of the best known names in the industry in claims involving theme parks, hotels, and airports, just to name a few. Our founding partner, Brian Bennett spent close to 7 years in the civil engineering and general construction field prior to attending law school. He puts this real world experience to work in his legal practice where he is a board certified specialist in construction law.

Our attorneys have also assisted professionals facing malpractice claims in the legal and accounting fields. Our experience in defending design professionals and the associated standard of care issues that arise translates directly to such claims.

How Can We Help ?

We are often asked to assist design professionals before an issue becomes a claim or dispute. “Pre-claim” assistance can be a valuable way to avoid expensive litigation and help to preserve relationships. Contact us to find out how.