ADR Overview :

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an inclusive term describing a variety of options that can be used to resolve construction and business disputes without the involvement of the courts. ADR is increasingly preferred to litigation, and is consistently ordered by courts looking to employ alternatives to the traditional, formal litigation process. In whatever form it takes, ADR is typically less costly, time consuming and emotionally draining than traditional litigation. BLG’s attorneys are trained in the nuances of the ADR process and regularly serve as mediators and arbitrators in ADR proceedings.

How Can We Help ?

BLG’s attorneys are well versed in the art of ADR whether serving as advocate, arbitrator or mediator. Brian Bennett has been on the AAA national roster of construction neutrals for several years and has presided over many complex cases. Nick Shannin is a certified mediator and has assisted many parties in resolving their disputes. Our entire team is ready to assist you whether your claim is “pre-suit” or already in a legal forum.